Typography - some of the more interesting uses.  (There are dozens for each mark.)

1. Double Dagger: in some editions of works written before the invention of printing, daggers are used to enclose text that is believed not to be original.

2. Pilcrow: In some high-church Anglican and Episcopal churches, it is used in the printed order of service to indicate that instructions follow; these indicate when the congregation should stand, sit, and kneel, who participates in various portions of the service, and similar information.

3. Section Sign: A modified version of the section sign is used throughout the Sims series of computer games, as the symbol to the game’s fictitious currency, the simoleon.

4. Obelus: The obelus is occasionally used in Polish language typography to represent ranges (such as the range 1÷10). As of 2007, it is the standard range mark for Italian documents.