Have YOU ever gone to a coffee shop? Then you should read this!


Proper etiquette for a coffee shop that 90% of customers DEFINITELY do not know

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Cosigned.  I have worked at Cafe Espresso, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and an independent coffee shop called Black Diamond Espresso, over a collected five years. I have two things to add to this: 

1) I fully agree with not hovering over your barista to have the drinks made right, but holy crap, why do I go to so many coffee shops where baristas make my drinks WRONG?  Like, I order skim and I can see you pull out whole, pour it, steam it, and put it in my drink?  Why?  I know Starbucks in particular is super touchy about milk usage, so I tend to not complain, but hey, please make my drink correctly.

2) Learn how to make a Starbucks macchiato without Starbucks materials - it’s not that hard.  (If you want to know their ~*~secret recipe~*~ just message me.) But you’re only allowed to make it after you make your customer a real macchiato and they take it on the chin silently.  

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