But we were there. I am Proud to have been a bookseller. I am proud to have worked for a once generous and supportive company that elevated me professionally and personally. I am proud to have helped endless people, no doubt suffering, find books on dealing with depression and anxiety or the death of a loved one. I’m proud to have put baby books and wedding books and college guides into peoples hands and to have been some small part of their lives for a bit. I’m proud to have given Phillip Pullman a leg up, and Octavia Butler and Muriel Barbery, Craig Thompson, and Malcom Gladwell. I am so proud to have learned so much over the years simply by being surrounded by books and having instant access to so much information and ideas. We were there. We got it.

To those who say this is a market correction, that this is overdue, that conventional publishing is dying: I think back to my Borders family, to all the people who have been a part of my life, even if just for a moment as I helped them shop, I say…You are probably right, but I kindly and respectfully add Fuck You.


Cory - A Bookseller Without Borders, Day 1 (via laughterkey)

I was a Borders employee for five years, on and off, starting in high school, all the way through college, and for a full year after I graduated.  Borders was family and friends, financial solvency when I was at my worst, and my first real job in my adult life.  I worked every position available in the store, including in the cafe.  I am so, so sorry to see it go.

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